Fruit Splash!

I had long been fascinated with the water drop and fruit splash shots seen on the internet and decided to try it myself.  The first time out was spectacularly unsuccessful.  I didn’t have a flash, and even doing it in an area with plenty of light and constant photo lights didn’t work.  Take two was with Deanne Holmer using her Godox lights and triggers to sync them to the camera.  This did work much better. 


We started off with plastic ice blocks for our Fruit Splash and then moved to strawberries, limes, and lemons.  The images were taken against a black or white perspex background that was easy to wipe over (we had water everywhere).  We found that keeping the front of the water tank free of water drops was essential. So lots of wiping the tank between shots.

Fruit Splash!
apple fruit splash

From the fruit, we moved on to paint drops. Having no idea what we were doing, we squirted paint of varying consistencies into water, vases, onto perspex, etc., until we hit on something that worked.  The table surface looked like a Pro Hart painting  – we had a ball, and in the end,  did get the results we were looking for

Fruit Splash!
Water Drops

Still wanting to try the water, I headed over to my niece’s house to have another go there.  She had done it before using a regular flash and instead of burst mode like the above ones were, she had timed the shot to the drop. This took a bit of practice, but once I got my timing right, I got more photos than I missed 🙂

water drops
more water drops

It’s quite addictive and loads of fun. Waiting on pluto trigger arriving now, try the next level – water collisions!

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