The Victorian Silo Art Trail

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The Victorian Silo Art Trail originally started with the silo’s in Brim in the heart of the Victorian Wheat belt. Painted by Guido Van Helton, work began in late 2015 and were completed in 2016. The trail is a partnership between Yarriambiack Shire Council, street art agency Juddy Roller, the Victorian and Australian Governments and GrainCorp. GrainCorp owns all the silos, and they donated the silos as canvases for the artist works. Featured along the trail is the work of Julia Volchkova, Guido Van Helten, Fintan Magee, Matt Adnate. In addition to David Pereira, Kaff-eine, Geoffrey Carran, Smug, Drapl, The Zookeeper, Tim Bowtell, Kyle Torney and Jimmy D’vate.

Brim Silo by Guido Van Helton The Victorian Silo Art Trail
Brim Silo by Guido Van Helten

Originally it was planned as a one-off project just for Brim. However, the popularity of the silo’s saw many more added across Victoria, with more designed or being added all the time, making maps of the trail obsolete very quickly. As a result, there are now two silo trails in Victoria. The North East Silo Art Trail and the ‘original Silo Art Trail in the Wimmera.

Rupanyup Station The Victorian Silo Art Trail
Rupanyup Station

To the tiny towns, while some are thriving, many are little more than ghost towns. The silo art trail brings the much-needed tourist dollars into town. Be it meals, fuel or accommodation and souvenirs. But, like in Field of Dreams, “build it, and they will come”, and come they do. At each silo, there is a constant stream of cars pulling off the road to marvel or photograph the works.

Doing the Trail

The entire Victorian Silo Art Trail can be easily done in a day. The most time required to view or photograph each silo is under 30 minutes. You will need accommodation at the end, though, as the trail will take around 5 hours – and leave you about 4 hours from Melbourne. So that’s an excellent opportunity to stay in Sea Lake and include Lake Tyrell at sunset before heading off in the morning again.

silo map The Victorian Silo Art Trail
Our route
Our Plan

Some time ago, a group of friends and I planned a trip. We would visit the Silo Art Trail, Lake Tyrell and Mungo National Park. Departure day is tomorrow, and we are all meeting up in St Arnaud tomorrow afternoon. Along the way, we will photograph silo’s, water towers, street art and ancient landscapes. At Mungo, we go ‘dark’ for two days as it is so remote there is no cell reception there.

image by mitchell luo
Stock Image by Mitchell Luo

Follow along with us as the next few posts will cover our travels.

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image by mitchell luo

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