Victorian Silo Art Trail – Rochester

One of the stops along the Victorian silo art trail in Rochester is a small regional town. Rochester is situated on the Campaspe River between Bendigo and Echuca. The towns twin silo’s features a Squirrel Glider and Azure Kingfisher due to both being indigenous to the area. The Silos can be found at 18 Ramsey St.

Graincorp Silos

Dvate is a Melbourne-based artist and graphic designer. His artwork depicts local fauna, so as to raise awareness of endangered animals. Both silos were painted in 2018, with the tall silo featuring the Squirrel Glider. The Squirrel Glider is the largest of the three gliders found in Northern Victoria and was thought to be extinct in South Australia since 1939. However, genetic testing has confirmed their continued inhabitance of the area.

rochester silo squirrel glider Silo Art Trail
Squirrel Glider by Dvate

The smaller silo features the Azure Kingfisher perched alongside the Campaspe River. With its distinctive royal blue plumage on its upper parts and orange on the chest, the azure kingfisher is the brightest coloured of all four kingfishers found in northern Victoria. However, It is also one of the smallest kingfishers.

azure kingfisher on rochester silo art trail
Azure Kingfisher by Dvate

While we were there, we were lucky enough to come across Dvate. He had just started painting the silos at the back of the existing ones. Work started in November and is expected to be finished in December. Dvate’s work can also be seen on the Goorambat Silo, Kyabram water tank, Picola Silo, Woomelang field bins and many walls across Victoria.

Iddles Lane

Not far from the silos is Iddles Lane, a mural painted by Tim Bowtell in January 2020. The mural tells the story of Rochester born, former homicide detective Ron Iddles OAM APM. Also featured on the mural is Ron’s twin brother Barry an international chef, and other family members. As a result of Ron’s 99% conviction rate with the police force, he was dubbed “Australia’s greatest detective”.

ron iddles mural Silo Art Trail
Ron Iddles

Ron was famous for his work in the homicide squad and as Secretary of the Police Union. It was with the police union he raised awareness of mental health issues with serving officers. As a result, Ron earned the respect of peers, victims and criminals alike. Retiring in 2017 he was the subject of a book by Justine Ford titled The Good Cop. Furthermore, in 2019 he starred in a Foxtel Crime & Investigation series based on the book and won a Silver Logie.

iddles lane rochester Silo Art Trail
Ron and Barry Iddles

More of Tim Bowtell’s work can also be seen on the Winton Wetlands CFA tank and fish trees, Colbinabbin Silos and pub, Winton rest stop and several locations across Benalla.

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